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The Pushworth Group, a Live Music and Event Management Company turning 30 on 17 July 2020, did the unthinkable on 13 March. We began to cancel, postpone and reschedule every single contracted event, tour and show in our booking system. In one day, we moved 6 million dollars worth of income for Live Music Artists in our system.

The first month was spent with Accountants, working with Hospitality to finalise Artist payments when they were in disarray sending staff home trying to sort their own businesses out. Then it was time to check in with the Artists and see how they were faring and help guide them through the government assistance options as things evolved day by day.

As a team, after spending decades being on call, we stopped. We allowed ourselves to feel every single emotion and focused on Self Care. It was an opportunity to go within, dig deep and resource ourselves to be able to reimagine our business post COVID.

The Music Real began primarily as a way  to connect to our tribe. We wanted to shine the light at the end of the tunnel with no idea where or when or what size that tunnel would be.

In talking to the variety of people in the Events, Hospitality and Music communities, a very real story of Lockdown emerged.

The Music Real has evolved into a collection of stories about the men and women who are the village who brings an event to life regardless of the Arts Sector. These are the real people whose lives and livelihoods have changed beyond belief. These are the real responses – how they pivoted, innovated, recreated, reimagined the recovery for their business and these three industries.

These are their stories.

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The Musoverse
The Music Real
Lockdown stopped our industry in its tracks. Between April and December 2020, Pushworth documented this historic precedent with over 200 interviews with Hospitality, Music, Events and Arts icons across the world.
The Music Real is a time capsule – one snapshot in time that changed our industries for good.