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Jade Holland and the Resilient Spirit of Queenslanders on Tour

Jade Holland and the Resilient Spirit of Queenslanders on Tour


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In the Music Real E108, Nicki chats with the Resilience Tour team. Tudor Vasile, founder of the Mental Awareness Foundation, Manny Kyriakidis, founder of The Pushworth Group and Australian Country Music Star, Jade Holland. 2020 has changed the lives of millions of people across the planet. After months of lockdowns and second waves, there is a growing fear of a looming mental health crisis in Australia.

To shine a light on local communities throughout Queensland, Mental Awareness Foundation have joined forces with Australian country music star, Jade Holland and The Pushworth Group to produce a Queensland Resilience Tour. To be launched on 30 August at the Regatta Hotel, the tour heads to Toowoomba, Bundaberg, Hervey Bay, Yeppoon, and Ipswich.

The Resilience Tour will feature exclusive performances by Jade Holland as the 2020 ambassador for the Mental Awareness Foundation and is an invitation for everyone in each region to come out to the show, bring a mate or two, reconnect to your local community, enjoy great live music and reignite that spirit of resilience that we Aussies are known for.

To celebrate Mental Health month in October, the tour ends with Jade opening the annual Walk for Awareness in Captain Burke Park, Brisbane on Sunday 11 October.

This year’s COVID SAFE event will be a call to action to people across the state to participate, connect, be real, be raw and support each other in the community.

Connect with Mental Awareness Foundation and Jade Holland on The Resilience Tour:

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